ONV By-Laws

Old Northwest Volunteers (ONV) By-laws

1. Members of the ONV are encouraged to maintain affiliations with other reenacting units. Members are not required to choose ONV participation over home unit participation at events where both are in attendance.

2. The ONV maintains a roster of individuals who have expressed an interest in supporting the ONV goals and the willingness to do so.

3. A document of ONV authenticity standards is maintained and amended by a simple majority vote.

4. The ONV makes decisions based on a simple majority of votes cast. Each member is allowed one vote.

5. When an event is proposed, the Point of Contact (POC) and officer are designated. The POC is responsible for gathering and sharing event information. Individual members are required to register for events as individuals, when applicable (and can indicate that they are with the ONV). Members will then contact the POC with his registration information.

6. Members must respond to proposals (such as a vote or event invitation) in the specified time.

7. All participants for a particular event serve with the company at the discretion of the officer and highest-ranking NCO and must meet ONV authenticity standards as well as the standards specific for the event.

8. Should it become necessary, a member is voted off the ONV roster by a simple majority vote. Said member will receive a warning from the steering committee of the infraction and in all cases, with the exception of illegal/immoral acts, is given a period to rectify the infraction.

9. Each year an ONV Steering Committee is determined by a simple majority vote. The Steering Committee assists in event scheduling, ongoing uniform research, ONV logistics, maintaining communication with other elite organizations, and other items as necessary.

10. By its very nature, the ONV needs few formal rules because existing parent units and event organizers have comprehensive rules in place.

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