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Hi there! My name is Mary Challman, and I am the current graduate assistant at the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site outside of Charleston, IL. My dear friend Betsy Connolly referred me to you - I'm planning our "Independence Day, 1865" event, and I was wondering if your organization would be interested in attending. The event is taking place on July 11th and 12th. My vision for this event - I want to illustrate the relief and joy as well as the political tension that came with the end of the war and the reunion of the country - both a festive Independence Day celebration and a memorial of the lives lost (including Lincoln's) during the war. There would be opportunities to engage the public and to talk about the end of the war and the beginning of reconstruction in either first person or third person. I'm hoping to have some more celebratory activities, like a reading of the Declaration, toasts to the nation, and *hopefully* some political speeches. If you would be interested in doing any military drill or similar activities, I would be more than happy to facilitate that. We would be able to provide food and lodging. Please let me know if anyone in your organization would be interested in participating! Thanks so much. ... See MoreSee Less

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Since Facebook Pages aren't nearly as interactive as Group pages, I have created a group page for the ONV so that we can interact with each other more freely, add event notifications more easily, and keep the information flowing.

The group page is at The Old Northwest Volunteers
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May 15th, 2015.

Dear Gentlemen and Ladies :

I would like to work out some dates during the summer that your unit, the Old North-West Volunteers, or such of its members as would wish to participate, in either recreating a recruiting, training or camp life scene from the Civil War to liven up the neighborhood this summer.

Now that the sesquicentennial of the Civil War is officially over everywhere east of Oklahoma, perhaps your unit, or such members as would wish to, would want to come down on select weekends this summer and either help us with some of our summer programs, like "The Haversack" Program, or such other set ups of as great or small complexity as you may wish.

I have taken the liberty of attaching the haversack program script, for it can be done by one or more individuals in military uniform using items from either your, or our haversack. We even have items that the youngsters can select from to create their own take home haversack, using Zip-lock* bags and cut outs that we provide them for the program. But, if your gentlemen have other ideas for a program or a day or weekend event, run it by Ms. Gundrum and myself, and very likely we can go with it if it meets our main themes for the Lincoln Home NHS.

We have missed your unit and its members presence in the neighborhood over the last couple of years, and I would greatly like to see if we can get your folks back in the neighborhood. Drop me a line and lets see what we can pull together.

Have a Great Evening!

Kyle F. McGrogan, Park Ranger
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
413 South Eighth Street
Springfield, IL 62701-1905
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Received this message from our website Contact Form:

From: Peter Keen

Hey my name is Peter. I am interested in getting back into the hobby, got out of reenacting about 2 years ago. I did WWII USMC, also was main stream Civil War Union. Taking an interest back up but I want to get back into reenacting on a more authentic level. I am looking for someone to talk to about uniforms and seeing If there is anyone in your unit that might have store equipment for sale. From Milwaukee WI. Thanks
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